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Cleaner Performance for a Greener Destination!


When you combine state-of-the-art design and innovative technologies, you get ‘Lencar’! Futureproof e-mobility solutions in the form of the e-RC80 electric scooter, e-RS300 electric motorbike and the all-important e-3W e-Otto electric three-wheeler. All vehicles designed and developed for Sri Lankan Road conditions. Commute with ease and help reduce the carbon footprint in our cities by using a sustainable mode of transport with Lencar. You can make a positive change to the environment and our planet by reducing the detrimental effects of traditional fuel consumption.

As a total package solution, SL Mobility offers Lencar with IoT integrated software, charging solutions, battery swapping solutions and a cutting-edge mobile app to monitor and maximize performance of your Lencar.


Software embedded E-Mobility

Change the way of life.

The involvement of electronic devices and software on board vehicles requires a system to help engineers determine the analysis and modeling requirements and then verify performance. After years of efforts, SL Mobility perfected the IoT integrated powertrain with compatible charging infrastructure in Europe, in late 2018.

Already making waves in the Western part of the world, electric vehicles with embedded software are evolving rapidly and are expected to make a radical change in the transport sector. According to a survey by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), traffic is responsible for 24 percent of all CO2 emissions worldwide. It is estimated that Vehicle emissions contribute to over 65% of Sri Lanka’s Urban air pollution (Source 2018 , Ministry of Health). Electric vehicles help counter this, and digital driven transport will change our way of life.